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The easiest way to send and receive money.

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October 2022 - present            Figma + photoshop           Product Designer


Rhino Splits is a digital wallet mobile app that helps users by simplifying money transfers peer to peer, and eliminating the need for cash.


We noticed that individuals are having difficulties 

when making or receiving a payment. 

Typically that happens because they don't carry any cash

or a check is not an option.

How can I design a digital wallet mobile app to help individuals

make money transfers fast, simple and easy. 


• Easy, fast, and simple money transfers.

• Friendly interface.

Prioritize security and customer care.

Research and Analysis

I conducted some interviews with potential users to identify their

needs and preferences on a mobile app that will make their experience better.

- Have you ever been in a situation where you don't have cash and wished you could pay thru a mobile app wallet?

- What mobile apps have you used?

- How was your experience?

- In what situation does that happens the most?

- What do you like about the mobile app you used?

- What you don't like about the app you used?

- Did you like the appearance, fonts, colors, and layout?

- When was the last time you used a digital wallet mobile app?

- when was the last time you had an issue paying or getting paid?


persona 1.png
persona 2.png

Concepts, Sketching, and Wireframes 

The first step was to work on a logo for the mobile app.

I wanted something simple, but also something that would represent the company's vision. My main goal was to create a logo that reflects security, and trust. After working on the logo for several hours this was the final decision. 

rhino logo.png

The next step was to design a site map for the home page. I used this as a guide to absorb more ideas before creating low-fidelities concepts and prototypes.

site map.png

After working on the site map, I designed low-fidelity mockups on paper and then transfer my ideas into a Figma file.  

low f.png
rhino splits low.png

Visual Design and Prototype

My next plan of action was to create color palettes and typography.

This helps communicate the brand’s identity and also gives the product an exciting feel.

Visual Design & Prototype.png

High Fidelity Designs

Click on the image to see Figma prototype

high fi.png

After getting feedback from the test usability, and validation, we concluded 

on areas of improvement such as:

- Ability to add multiple cards.

- Better explanation of the "Airdrop money" function.

- Less busy navigation bar.

- Different bottom colors.

All of the suggestions above were made.

I learn that I needed to stay grounded and focused on the goal but also account for changes to the product.


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